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I’ve thought about writing this long & hard but it just needs to be said. I attended two schools in the name of the monster that was #edwardcolston. Colston Collegiate & latterly Colston Girls School until the age of 18. Every year, we were told we had to commentate Colston with a bronze chrysanthemum pinned to our uniforms (his favourite flower) & a celebratory service of his life & philanthropy was held at Bristol Cathedral in which the whole school attended along with teachers. Excerpts of his will were read about how generous he had been but never a single solitary detail of the monstrous ways in which he had acquired his wealth by trading in the lives of over 100,000 innocent & beautiful people. I hear this still happened up until two years ago! If I’m honest, I had zero idea whilst at school of who he was, what he represented or that his life had contributed to such unimaginable pain & suffering. At the time, it was just a morning off of lessons & a break from the terrible emotional & physical bullying I received whilst during my earlier years at the school. Scars of which I still carry to this day. However, I cannot even begin to imagine what it felt like to be a BAME pupil at this school, & have to commemorate such a man alongside all of the ignorant & white privileged children like myself. I for one apologise for my ignorance, it simply wasn’t good enough. Ecstatic to witness that not only has his statue in the centre of Bristol been removed by the people he looked down on, but his statue that stood in that school hallway, looming over us with his ridiculously pious gaze has now come down too. Good riddance, & may he rust in hell 🙋‍♀️🖤 #changeiscoming #georgefloyd #whiteprivilege #blm